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SocksChain torrentSocksChain


Review: SocksChain is a useful application that allows you to keep your IP-address when browsing the Internet confidentially. Maybe you do not care about that if you accidentally online, but if you do not want your IP can be traced to this program can be very useful. The application automatically detects browsers installed on your computer and allows you to launch them directly from the main window. While it is active each connection routed through multiple proxy computers, making it much more difficult for users to determine your real IP-address. You do not have a connection ACIRC; hand as the program deals ACIRC; this problem and shows only the computers that are used to hide your real address. You will be contacted only ACIRC; the first computer in the list that is connected and ACIRC, and the next and so on. You can set SocksChain, to run in the background and the way all processes that require access to the Internet. This security measure also may be used only for certain applications such as a browser or an instant messaging client by selecting them from the main window. Our testing program appears to be successful hiding your IP-address IP tracking service online. However, the Internet connection slows down considerably and sites take longer to load and-SG icirc; l effects can be expected for this type of product. As an advantage, this is a small application that has no effect on the performance of your computer while browsing the web. You can use it if you want to hide your real location, and if the information is more important than speed internet connection.
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